Pantry Organization Ideas

Tired of the mess in your pantry? Then let's spend the time to tidy up, organize, and leave you with a refreshing new feel after giving your pantry a makeover. We’ll begin by emptying every shelf. This way, you’ll be able to see every item you have, even items you didn’t know you had, so … Continue reading Pantry Organization Ideas


Pumpkin Book Home Decor

Now that Fall has arrived, let’s update your home decor to match the season with this fun pumpkin book decor piece, perfect for your home. What you’ll need: A book Scissors An exacto knife A piece of paper A pencil A glue gun with glue stick Ready? Here we go! First, remove the front & … Continue reading Pumpkin Book Home Decor

Home Safety Tip

Install a peephole! Opening your front door without knowing who's standing behind it can be very dangerous. A peephole is an affordable security feature, easily installed in any front door whether it's made of wood, fiberglass, steel, or a composite material. Follow these easy steps to enjoy the peace of mind you'll have after installing … Continue reading Home Safety Tip